'The Writer' 2015 at the Sawkille Co. Showroom, Rhinebeck, NY.

I am very excited to announce a new body of work beautifully framed, presented and up now at the Sawkille Co. Showroom in Rhinebeck, NY.  I have admired Jonah Meyer's and Tara DeLisio's work for many years. I first came upon Jonah's work at The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art when Martin Puryear selected him as part of  'Out of the Studio: Hudson Valley Artists 2003'. Needless to say I was blown away and quickly sought out more. What I found was a hive of creativity and inspiration known as Servce Station, Jonah and Tara's original Hudson Valley outpost in Glenford, NY.  I was inspired not only by the art, but by the faith they put in their ideas and in each other. In 2010 Jonah and Tara disbanded Servce Station and bravely stepped forward into the future with Sawkille Co. - a reimagined, redefined take on handmade american furniture and goods. I am grateful for their belief and support of my work. 

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