Out of time / Out of place: The Work of Sean Sullivan

*You are a radio.

Before work - early, early mornings. That’s when the work gets done. That’s when the reception seems to be particularly good for catching ideas. Sunshine helps, a happy home life is the foundation and don’t forget music (it is a requirement). 

But for me, BEST RECEPTION really comes down to just one thing - good, old fashioned unworried, unhurried time.

*The name of this site: PARADE.PENTIMENTO.PIMLICO.PEARL. was originally a poem meant to serve as an S.O.S. of sorts, a prayer or meditation, to be recited in times of personal distress and discouragement. Now these four words serve as points of navigation -  a reminder of the things that I value most: appreciation, history, adventure and creativity. 

Thanks for visiting,

*BST RCP TN & Good Luck,